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Technology Commercialization

NORAM was established in 1988 in Vancouver, Canada by George Cook and John Rae, both Professional Engineers.

From our modest beginnings as a two-person operation, we have expanded to a contingent of some 200 engineers, technologists and tradesmen serving major multi-national clients worldwide. We have built our business by growing organically and continually re-investing in new technologies.

Initially, NORAM's operations were concentrated in the field of commodity chemicals. The steady advancement of our nitration process technologies earned NORAM unprecedented global leadership in this specialized arena. Today, over 50% of the world's nitrobenzene, an intermediate feedstock in the synthesis of polyurethane polymers, is produced in plants designed by NORAM using our proprietary technology and equipment.

Similar technological innovations took NORAM into the sulfuric acid and electrochemical fields, where our expertise is also now widely recognized around the world. In 2011, two large greenfield sulfuric acid plants at the Ambatovy Nickel Project in Madagascar became the first in the world to be designed around the many innovations brought by NORAM to the sulfuric acid field. Our business subsequently expanded into the pulp and paper and environmental fields, where today NORAM is a leader in systems closure and chemical recovery. Finally, NORAM entered the biological wastewater treatment industry with the acquisition, first of Deep Shaft Technologies Inc. in 1998, and then ECOfluid Systems Inc. in 2014. Across all six of our business groups, our success is firmly grounded in our ability to tailor processes and equipment packages to fully satisfy client objectives while providing the lowest cost, long-term solution.

In addition to benefiting from the complementary nature of the markets addressed by our business groups, NORAM's operations have grown around our proven ability to incubate and commercialise new technologies. Each of our six business groups is represented by a core of proprietary technology, with more than 35 primary patents held or pending.

The NORAM group of companies has grown in recent years to include:

• NORAM International AB, based in Sweden, and focused on supporting our European technology    partners (

• BC Research Inc., a technology incubator based in Burnaby, B.C. (

• ECOfluid Systems Inc., providing advanced wastewater treatment systems (

• ELLETT, a fabricating division specializing in high-performance alloy equipment (

First USA Patented Nitration Demonstration