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Technology Commercialization

NORAM's technologies respond to the environmental, social and economic imperatives of our world today.

In both developing new process technologies and optimizing existing technologies, our engineers and technologists have delivered many notable advancements that allow government and industry to cost-effectively meet environmental objectives while fully satisfying safety and operability requirements.

While at the forefront of process optimization, NORAM:

  successfully revolutionized mononitrobenzene production to mitigate NOx emissions and bio-toxic effluents
   characteristic of conventional technology;

  has become a world-leader in Effluent System Closure for pulp mills; and

  provides some of the most advanced equipment in the world for processing SO2 gases.

Other significant advancements pioneered by our industry-leading technologists include:

  a process to remove residual bromine from chlorine used in the treatment of drinking water;

  biological wastewater treatment plants that use 50% less energy than their conventional counterparts; and

  a novel technology to address heavy metal contamination from sources such as Acid Mine Drainage.

We have also worked extensively with energy storage technologies, key enablers for firming power supplies from intermittent renewable energy sources, such as solar power and wind.

Our commitment to 'low footprint' technologies finds expression in a wide range of projects in British Columbia, such as engineering of the steam turbines powering a local energy-from-waste facility. NORAM funded and continues to work with the University of British Columbia on Canada's Largest Supercritical Water Oxidation (SCWO) R&D unit. We are also a founding and sponsoring member of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association.

Across our organization, we are proud of our contribution to economic, environmental and social sustainability worldwide.