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NORAM's proprietary processes VERTREAT™ (VERtical TREATment), a high-rate activated sludge process, and VERTAD™ (VERtical Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion), an auto-thermophilic, aerobic sludge digestion process, are complemented by associate company ECOfluid Systems' smaller-scale biological plants.

The VERTREAT™ process provides high-quality effluent from industrial and municipal waste streams. Efficient oxygen transfer and low power requirements reduce operating costs by 50% compared to conventional systems. The VERTAD™ process achieves greater than 40% volatile solids reduction in a four-day detention time, producing pathogen-free Class A biosolids faster than any competing digestion process.

Both VERTREAT™ and VERTAD™ use an in-ground vertical aerated shaft, a patented design that offers compelling cost and operational advantages. This design results in a smaller reactor volume and reduces overall energy consumption by more than 50%, giving VERTREAT™ significant capital and operating cost advantages over conventional treatment systems.

The in-ground installation of the processes requires only one-tenth to a third of the land needed for conventional treatment systems, offering flexibility in site selection and reduced visual impact of the treatment plant. The enclosed nature of the processes eliminates nuisance odors, allowing installation at sites in close proximity to residential areas.

Other advantages of VERTREAT™ include:

•  Elimination of the primary treatment step
•  Very high mixed liquor concentrations, comparable with membrane systems
•  Solids of ~4% produced without chemicals, suitable for direct feed to digesters without sludge thickening or dewatering
•  Gravity feeding and elimination of pumps for internal recirculation
•  Float thickening through inherent dissolved air flotation (DAF)
•  Effluent quality that meets reuse water standards
•  Patented flotation clarifiers
•  Ready adaptability to bionutrient removal (BNR) and denitrification for tertiary level treatment
•  Seismic resistance and hazard mitigation

Other advantages of VERTAD™ include:

•  50% less sludge volume than a facility with dewatering alone
•  7-log reduction in pathogens, ensuring class A biosolids
•  Inexpensive heat recovery, suitable for building heating
•  Enhanced dewaterability of final biosolids product

ECOfluid Systems Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NORAM, specializes in smaller-scale biological wastewater treatment plants ideally suited for off-grid communities and resorts.

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ECOfluid Systems Inc. provides biological wastewater treatment solutions based on its proprietary Upflow Sludge Blanket Filtration (USBF®) technology. The plants combine nitrification, denitrification, clarification and sludge stabilization in a single compact bioreactor. Since 1995, Vancouver, BC-based ECOfluid has executed over 150 projects in Canada, the USA and the Caribbean.