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NORAM’s patented VERTREAT™ system is a proprietary, high-rate activated sludge effluent treatment process.

High on Environmental Friendliness
The low visual impact of VERTREAT™, self-contained and largely hidden from view underground, gives it a significant advantage over the large surface tanks of a conventional plant. The subsurface and aerobic nature of the process provides a aesthetically pleasing and safe working environment with low maintenance requirements.

High on Land use Efficiency
VERTREAT™ typically uses 10-20% of the total land required for conventional activated sludge plants of equivalent capacity. This represents a considerable savings in capital cost while significantly reducing environmental impact.

High on Performance
The high oxygen transfer in VERTREAT™ enables rapid treatment of high-strength waste streams. Even at high BOD loads, the VERTREAT™ process is not limited by oxygen availability.

The VERTREAT™ process uses a submerged hyperbaric aeration system, which has been proven effective through more than 30 years of commercial operation in biological processes.

The VERTREAT™ patented design gives it the following advantages over conventional effluent treatment systems:

•  Very low VOC and odor emissions reduce environmental
    impact and increase safety
•  Highly efficient oxygen transfer (> 65% OTE). With this low
    process air requirement, off-gas is minimized
•  Effectively treats difficult waste streams, including streams
   with fluctuating loads and streams prone to foaming
•  Competitive on costs, both capital and operating. Low energy
   requirements and low maintenance costs contribute to low
    operating costs (roughly 50% of conventional systems)
•  Minimal footprint requirement – the small size of VERTREAT™
    facilities means more potential sites can be considered for new
   construction, or retrofits can be made to existing sites that have
   insufficient space for expansion