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Technology Commercialization

NORAM's dominant position in the field of mononitrobenzene production resulted from an early breakthrough in the 'adiabatic nitration process', for which we hold a series of patents.

These advances led to a superior technology that offers the desirable features of high feed conversion and low operating costs. Today, upwards of 16 plants use the NORAM nitration technology to meet over 50% of the worldwide mononitrobenzene (MNB) demand.

NORAM's nitration expertise extends to the design and supply of nitric acid concentrators, sulfuric acid concentrators, and NOx recovery systems, for which NORAM offers proprietary equipment and holds a number of patents. Drawing on our specialized tools and skills, we have also assisted clients in improving the operation of downstream facilities in the polyurethanes production train. In addition, we have applied our nitration experience to help clients resolve diverse process issues at both benzene nitration and toluene nitration facilities.

To deal with nitrophenol effluents produced as a byproduct in the nitrobenzene process, NORAM has licensed the proven BAYER TDZ™ process on an exclusive worldwide basis. The TDZ™ process produces an effluent that can be treated in a conventional biological treatment plant. Biological wastewater solutions are provided by NORAM's Biosystems Group.

To retain our market leadership, NORAM maintains an active nitration R&D program. Concepts are continuously tested in NORAM's pilot facilities and, in conjunction with our clients, in commercial scale plants.