Business Groups
Technology Commercialization

We specialize in System Closure methodologies to recycle mill waste streams, recover chemicals, and limit effluents and emissions.

NORAM's engineering staff are experienced in Kraft mill odour control systems (CNCG / LVHC and DNCG / HVLC systems), and turpentine and condensate systems. We are the exclusive North American licensee of PAPRILOX®, a technology for producing polysulphide liquor that improves pulp yield and operating economics for kraft pulp mills.

In addition, through our subsidiary Siloxy Limited, we address non-wood pulp markets (cotton linter, bagasse, wheat straw, corn stover) with a suite of technologies for desilication and oxidation applications.

To address trends in the local wood products industry, NORAM has increasingly focused on downstream beneficiation and biorefinery technologies, with attention to biofuels, power from biomass, and phytochemicals.

Pulp and paper technologies and services include:

•  PDP® Chloride Purging System
•  GAP® chlorine dioxide generator waste acid recovery
•  ALoxy™ white liquour oxidation system
•  LignoForce™ kraft lignin recovery systems
•  NCG Systems, HVLC and LVHC
•  Turpentine recovery systems
•  Condensate strippers
•  Energy cost reduction studies
•  Heat exchanger networks
•  Zero-effluent systems