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NORAM Awarded TurboScrubber® License

December 3, 2012

Osprey Corporation Ltd/Fluid Technologies Ltd (United Kingdom) and NORAM have entered into a technology agreement, whereby NORAM will market and support the TurboScrubber® emissions control and heat recovery technology in the Americas and most Pacific Rim countries.

The TurboScrubber® is a fluidized bed technology that sets new performance standards in controlling stack emissions. Over 400 scrubber and stripper plants have been installed worldwide, in industries as diverse as power generation, minerals processing, pulp & paper, and chemical production.

TurboScrubber® is based on highly turbulent mixing and liquid shear using patented Turboid® & TurboPak® media, that simultaneously boost mass transfer, heat transfer and particulate removal. The technology finds application in treating a wide variety of flue gas streams, including incinerator off-gas, CO2 removal, H2S removal, syngas clean-up, and acid gas and particulate removal.

The technology differentiates itself on the basis of its compact footprint, fouling-free operation, low energy, and versatile and cost-effective process integration. Apart from harnessing the TurboScrubber® in its own process technologies, NORAM believes the clean technology will more effectively address applications in North America where packed beds and venturi scrubbers or bag filters & ESPs provide partial solutions.

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