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A Higher Grade of Chlorine

August 25, 2020

A specialty producer in the south of France has successfully implemented NORAM’s debromination technology, enabling it to achieve purities as high as 99.9999% in its liquid chlorine production. The new plant was brought on line in a textbook fashion, amid safety protocols and constraints occasioned by the prevailing COVID-19 crisis.

The plant joins producers in Canada and the USA, benefitting from advantages enjoyed by a higher purity chlorine product in the chemical markets. Bromine is a Controlled Residual Element in liquid chlorine, and is an impurity of concern in the water treatment industry. It also compromises the properties of plastics, leading to discolouration and embrittlement. However, bromine is only one consideration, and the NORAM technology comprehensively addresses contaminants such as CCl4 and H2SO4, which pose operational issues.

NORAM’s associate company, NORAM International AB, provided additional support and equipment through its Gothenburg, Sweden operation. The NORAM team received accolades from the client operators, as a particularly challenging production line met all steady-state specifications within days of commissioning.

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