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LignoForce™ in the News

April 7, 2016

Lignin production has started at a first-of-its-kind facility in Canada, based on the innovative LignoForce™ process developed by NORAM and FPInnovations

A recent article in Pulp & Paper Canada highlights the potential of the technology to lead the forest industry into new markets and higher-value product streams. Lignin recovery is an attractive option for West Fraser’s Hinton Pulp operation in Alberta, given the company’s ability to use the bio-product as a direct substitute for phenol-formaldehyde-based adhesives in its engineered wood products. The unique attributes of lignin produced by the LignoForce™ process are the subject of ongoing development work into diverse, new applications being developed at FPInnovations, Alberta Innovates Technology Futures, and elsewhere.

> To read the complete article, go to: Commercial-scale lignin line starts at Hinton

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