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Pulp & Paper

NORAM offers a broad range of specialty technologies to the  forest products industry.  Our P&P Division has two key focus areas:  the downstream beneficiation of forest products to extract increased value, and in System Closure methodologies, targeting chemical recovery and zero-effluent strategies.

NORAM’s proprietary LignoForce™ process for recovering high-purity lignin from kraft black liquor, and innovative process technologies for producing crystalline nano-cellulose (CNC) are industry-leading technologies pioneered for the value-added sector.

Our Specialties

System Closure

  • Kraft mill odour control systems (HVLC and LVHC)
  • GAP Plus™ for chlorine dioxide generator waste acid recovery
  • PDP™ and PDP-K™ for selective chloride and/or potassium removal from precipitator dust
  • Turpentine Recovery
  • Zero-effluent systems
  • Mill optimization studies


  • LignoForce™: kraft lignin recovery for by-product revenue and incremental pulp capacity
  • Cellchem™ sulfur burners, sulfite solutions and sulfuric acid
  • Strippers and Absorbers
  • Performance Improvement for Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Siloxy desilication technology for pulp mills encountering problems with silica, low heating value black liquor, or increasingly stricter environmental legislation.

Our Projects

LignoForce™ lignin recovery from kraft black liquor Alberta, Canada

PDP™ Precipitator Dust Purification by short column ion exchange, Idaho, USA

GAP™ Generator Acid Purification


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