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Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry represents the converging point for all NORAM processes. Throughout our business areas we strive for continual improvement in the design of more efficient chemical processes that minimize energy consumption as well as the use and generation of hazardous substances.

We have a strong focus on sustainable energy, with a broad intellectual property portfolio encompassing hydrogen production, biofuels, power-from-biomass, and emission control systems to meet demands from the global clean-tech and renewable energy industry.

Our Specialties

Chemicals from Renewable Bio-Feedstocks

We work with diverse clients to develop and commercialize processes to produce advanced chemicals from renewable bio-feed stocks, including

  • Crystalline Nano-Cellulose (CNC)
  • Polyols and fatty acid derivatives
  • BTX & lignin from kraft pulp mill black liquor
  • Conversion of sugar to erythritol, the only naturally occurring bulk low-calorie sweetener


NORAM is an active partner in a broad consortium of aviation and transportation stakeholders looking at the use of forest residuals and municipal sludge as a renewable feedstock for the transportation sector. Biocrude feedstocks with carbon intensities based on low Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) scores offer environmental benefits, while advancing downstream beneficiation.

Switchable Solvents

NORAM is working with Green Center Canada to replace volatile and chlorinated solvents in different applications using their low temperature switchable solvent technology.

Chlor-Alkali Technologies

We offer several specialized green technologies to the chlor-alkali industry, including a technology to remove bromine from chlorine to produce safer drinking water and an NCl3 destruction system, which eliminates the need for solvents, including chlorinated solvents.


NORAM is a founding member of the Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA). NORAM operates Membrane Reactor Technologies (MRT) as a center of excellence focusing on high-temperature membrane recovery of hydrogen.

Lower Emissions

NORAM is the exclusive North American licensee of the TurboScrubber® fluidised-bed gas cleaning technology for simultaneous absorption, gas cooling and fine particulate removal advanced mass transfer technology for controlling emissions of particulate and acid gasses. We also offer Skewed Gas Flow technology for the reduction in emissions from conventional dry electrostatic precipitators.

Our Projects

Biofuel process module

TurboScrubber® Emissions control – Absorption, Particulate Removal and Heat Recovery

Biomass drier demonstration plant

NORAM has played a leading role in the development of the nascent Crystalline Nano-Cellulose (CNC) industry. The novel Celluwick™ reactor greatly enhances the throughput and production rates of CNC.

NORAM’s bromine technology removes bromine from liquid chlorine, avoiding the adverse effects of Br in drinking water, and also embrittlement and discolouration in the plastics industry.


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