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The Electrochemical Division has a demonstrated experience base in developing new electrochemical technology and flowsheets at a conceptual level, and seeing the developments through design, fabrication, commercial plant construction and commissioning. Our electrochemical platforms have emerged strongly in recent years as a strategy to close process loops by recycling and recovering waste streams.

NORAM’s experience in electrochemical processes includes chlorate, chlor-alkali, and chlorine dioxide processes. We have designed and engineered greenfield plants, and retrofitted and expanded existing facilities for clients in North America, South America and Asia. We’ve also worked extensively with diverse RedOx Flow Battery (regenerative fuel cells) chemistries in the energy storage market, while our bromine removal technologies have become the industry benchmark for producing high-purity liquid chlorine.

Our Specialties

Electrochemical Cells

NORAM’s proprietary family of electrochemical cells provides a platform for the scale-up and commercialization of novel electrochemical processes. A range of proprietary cell architectures allow scale-up of industrial processes in the minerals processing, organic synthesis and wastewater treatment arenas. The NORSCAND® electrochemical platform can be configured as a multi-compartment bipolar cell assembly with a high degree of design flexibility (adaptability), and finds application across a process spectrum, from salt-splitting to wastewater treatment operations.

Chlor-alkali and Hypochlorite plants

We have an extensive history in the engineering of chlor-alkali plants incorporating mercury, diaphragm, and membrane cell designs, and canassemble a project team widely experienced in membrane chlor-alkali technology. Recent innovations in our technology line-up include a chlorine distillation tower to remove CO2.

Brine Filter

NORAM is the exclusive North American licensee and manufacturer of Back Pulse Filtration Systems, utilizing a range of proprietary Filter Sleeves for treating industrial brine solutions. NORAM brine filters reduce capital brine equipment costs by 50% and significantly reduce plant equipment footprint.

Flow Battery Energy Storage

We have leveraged our electrochemical experience in the areas of electrolyte management, control of shunt currents and power electronics in the integration of flow batteries and stationary fuel cell plants, that can offer bulk energy storage, peak shaving, transmission and distribution capital deferral, renewable capacity firming and energy arbitrage.

The Electrosynthesis Company

NORAM works with The Electrosynthesis Company of Buffalo, NY, combining their strong fundamental R&D skills with our capabilities in optimization, piloting and scale-up, to make the partnership the premier electrochemical process development organization in North America.

Our Projects

Flow battery energy storage module

NORSCAND® electrochemical salt-splitting

Electrochemical cell assembly for organic synthesis

Erythritol Pilot Plant

Chlorine distillation tower, QC, Canada

Brine filtration using Back Pulse Filtration System


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