Scale Up

Demonstration Plants

Novel technologies commonly have their industrial debut in a demonstration plant, engineered at an industrial scale, but generally not intended for commercial operation.  Our scale-up experience extends across a wide range of demonstration plants, from process modules operating off a slip-stream to purpose-built facilities.

Design specifications for industrial-scale demonstration facilities are critically derived from pilot trials. The demonstration plant generally retains sufficient flexibility to allow the variation of key operating parameters, and is capable of generating data that enables more precise engineering and costing for a commercial facility to be carried out. Our design capabilities include both modular and stick-built plants.

Our Strengths

Modular Construction

Modular skid design generally follows precepts for containerisation, to allow ready shipment and hook-up at site. Skids are manufactured and tested in-house in dedicated facilities to allow strong Quality Assurance.

Demonstration Plants

Industrial-scale demonstrations de-risk novel technologies and bring them to the pre-commercialization phase.

Field Assistance

We routinely provide support during commissioning, calibration and trouble-shooting

Our Projects

CelluForceTM CelluForce Inc. became the operater of the world’s first industrial-scale demonstration plant for the production of Cellulose Nano-Crystals (CNC) in Quebec. NORAM provided the process design for the proprietary CelluForce™ process, co-developed with FPInnovations of Canada.

Phosphorous recovery as struvite using the Ostara Pearl™ process AB, Canada. NORAM scaled up the crystlalliser by a factor of 500 for the first industrial demonstration

NORAM is a founder member of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, and operates Membrane Reaxtor Technologies as a center of excellence. A novel fluidised bed reformer was demonstrated for the production of hydrogen with a membrane reactor.

NORAM has worked with no less than six chemistries for RedOx flow batteries, used in energy storage, including V-V, Fe-Cr, and Ce-Br. This demonstration plant was sited at a solar energy storage facility in California, USA.


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