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October 22, 2020

The NORAM Group of companies features in a new Global Village publication. INNOVATE™ VANCOUVER celebrates the creative forces and success stories that have made the city a global center for innovation. It’s also a timely nod to the expansive role that NORAM has played in shaping the city’s technology landscape.

The founding moment in NORAM’s history occurred over 30 years ago with a breakthrough technology that would put Vancouver, BC on the chemical resource map. More have followed since. But NORAM has also served as a hub in its own right, for many other early-stage technology companies, providing engineering, laboratory, pilot plant and fabrication support on the road to their own commercialization.

NORAM’s involvement in the wider technology community began as an early investor in the BC Research Institute, a technology incubator that evolved into today’s BC Research Inc., now a wholly-owned subsidiary. The role has expanded to support early-stage start-ups from the process and resource industries worldwide, and collaboration with NORAM has seen notable successes in the energy storage, carbon capture, and wastewater industries.

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