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Harvesting the Negev

May 19, 2023

For over 60 years one of the key nutrients underlying intensive agriculture has come from an unlikely source – the desert near Dimona, Israel, where the phosphate rock reserves are tapped in plants producing sulphuric acid, green and white phosphoric acid, superphosphate and nitrogen-free Mono Potassium Phosphate (MKP). A NORAM drying tower seems an equally unlikely boon for the arid region.

An old 6,710 mm ID brick-lined tower at the sulphuric acid plant has made way for a new 6,500 mm ID NORAM SX® alloy drying tower, complete with the associated NORAM SX® acid piping and NORAM HP™ saddle packing and internals. The tower was fabricated in Israel and shipped in one piece for installation on the existing foundation. A NORAM SX® trough distributor, supplied by NORAM International AB in Sweden, completed the package.

To the challenges of the desert delivery were added the post-pandemic material supply constraints and a tight deadline. The tower also had to be engineered to match, as much as possible, the existing ducting. Commissioning is scheduled in May 2023.

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