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NORAM Permascand Collaboration Delivers

November 4, 2022

The successful  co-development of the NORSCAND® electrolyser has now entered  commercialization, as the first industrial electrochemical cells are shipped for use in lithium electrolysis demonstration-scale plants in the US and Europe. The cells make it possible to produce lithium hydroxide much more effectively through electrochemistry rather than the traditional method of a metathesis reaction between lithium carbonate and calcium hydroxide.

The collaborative partnership – started in 2013 between NORAM Electrolysis Systems Inc. (NESI) (Vancouver, Canada) and Permascand (Ljungaverk, Sweden) – resulted in the co-development of the NORSCAND® cell, a novel multi-compartment electrolysis cell specifically designed for salt-splitting of brines. The cell fills a critical gap in the renewable energy supply chains of the future – although Lithium Ion Batteries represent only one of the possible end-uses. The scalable production of lithium is crucial at a time when the world needs to switch from fossil fuels to electricity, given the central role played by lithium hydroxide in the manufacturing of batteries for electric vehicles, mobile phones, and computers.

“We are very pleased with the electrochemical cell NORSCAND® and the cooperation with NORAM,” says Peter Lundström, CEO at Permascand. “The result speaks for itself and fits very well into our strategy and sustainability goals.”

“NESI’s partnership with Permascand has enabled the joint development of a new family of electrochemical cells, the NORSCAND® cell, which are uniquely suited to lithium electrolysis” says Jeremy Moulson, VP at NESI. “The partnership between NESI and Permascand is a shining example of how corporations can come together, using their independent expertise, to help provide solutions for a more sustainable future.”

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