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Recycling Scales as Battery Volumes Grow

March 27, 2023

NORAM subsidiary NESI (NORAM Electrolysis Systems Inc.) is putting the finishing touches to a Lithium Sulphate demonstration plant for a European Lithium Ion Battery (LIB) recycling demonstration project. It’s a significant step forward in an economic model that often sends waste materials to the trash.

Electrolysis is in the vanguard of strategies to address a growing volume of battery waste, and to recover a vital secondary stream of critical materials. Current recycling methods hold debatable economic and environmental benefits, but NESI’s electrochemical technology provides a circular pathway for battery-grade lithium hydroxide to re-enter the supply chain cleanly and efficiently.

The ground-breaking facility in Europe is designed around NESI’s NORSCAND® electrolyser platform. Following Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), the modular plant supplied by the NESI team will be put to work producing high-purity lithium hydroxide from electronic scrap known as black mass. LIBs are far more complex to process than conventional batteries, but for the lithium, at least, there is an increasingly attractive pathway forward.

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