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Taming Start-up Emissions

May 14, 2021

A new process patent paves the way for bringing sulfuric acid plant start-up emissions under control. NORAM’s Clean Start™ approach reduces transient emissions during start-up by transferring tail gases to a neighbouring plant.

Emissions from a sulfuric acid plant typically peak during the period when it is being brought online, and when conversion catalysts are still approaching optimal operating temperatures. Since multiple plants are a common feature on sulfuric acid industrial sites, the Clean Start™ process provides a simple fix to an otherwise intractable problem. Plant operators avoid the need for additional tail-gas scrubbing measures, with a relatively low CAPEX and OPEX solution.

Additional benefits of Clean Start™ include potentially faster start-ups, and
higher overall acid production during the start-up period. The Clean Start™ process is embodied in Patent NO.: US 1059335368 B2 (March 2, 2021).

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